Do THIS to make your photography stand out.

A few months ago I released the Creatives Compositions Manual to the world for free. And the primary focus of that book was on making your images stand out amongst a growing number of photographers throughout the world. I mean, think about it, just about every single person in most countries today carries a smartphone in their pocket. That smartphone, of course, having a camera.

So just about every person is 'technically' a photographer. And in some sense, is competition to you as a hobbyist or professional photographer. But two years ago, that was all of our competition, and while it may have seemed daunting; it was still relatively simple to create eye-catching photography that could make each one of us avid photographers: unique. That is, until now. Not only do people have access to growing smartphone camera-technology... Now people have access to AI. And people are able to create gorgeous images within minutes with just a few words on their computer or on their smartphone. And the more you think about it, the more you might start thinking about throwing your camera in the ocean and becoming an 'AI artist' full-time. I mean, it's way easier and the results are epic, right?

But let's be real now, you're probably not going to do that. I'm not going to do that. Most photographers are not going to do that. Some photographers might start integrating AI into their overall body of work. But to completely give up one of the most rewarding mediums of creativity and capturing real-life memories; that's just not something that's easy to give up. And I'm telling you today: don't give up. Keep on going out there and taking photos. Keep on embracing the cold. Keep climbing those mountains. Keep creating photographic work that makes you stoked. 

Why? Because you love it, and your audience loves it too. People thrive on human connection, and as we move more into an AI-driven world, that thirst for human connection will only become stronger. So you might be thinking to yourself: "Zach, get to the point already! What do I do to make my photography stand out?" The answer is more simple than you think. 

Embrace that desire for human connection. Make it so stupidly obvious why and how you create the photographs that you create. The more that you clearly define what goes into your art and photography, the more that your viewers will appreciate just how complex your work really is. And even though you may think the process is boring and uninteresting, I promise you that your audience does not. Most people who aren't passionate about photography have no idea how much goes into planning, executing, capturing, and editing our work.

When you showcase to people those behind-the-scenes moments to your photography, it brings your work to an entirely new level. So how do you do it? Well, we'll leave that for the next blog post, shall we? Gotta leave you looking forward to something after all...

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